2022 Graduation Town Hall

By Chelsea Edwards ~ Guest Writer

The possibility of graduation being moved off the Dell has spiked discussion among students at the University of Lynchburg.

 “It has been notified to the student body that there may be a possible change of location in the 2022 graduation location from the Dell to Shellenberger Field,” said Student Government Association President Matthew Gillett. 

Members of the administration at the University of Lynchburg have agreed to hear students’ opinions about the location of graduation ceremonies. 

On Monday Oct. 25, 2021, the town hall will be held in the Pavilion. 

“It is very important for as many seniors to show up as possible. The more voices they hear from, the more serious they will take it,” said Gillett.  

Seniors should come prepared with a list of reasons as to why they feel that the location of the graduation ceremonies should be kept on the Dell. 

Allie Robinson, a senior, said, “I believe graduation should be held on the Dell because of tradition  and also because it’s the center of campus and the academic buildings so I don’t see a better place to have graduation.”

Senior Zach Swift said, “I’d rather graduation be held on the Dell because of the landscape and it is in the center of campus.” 

While Blaize Nash, also a senior, has a different view on the location of graduation ceremonies. Nash said, “I liked graduation on the Dell but Shellenberger field is also a nice place to hold graduation. I would  be ok with either location for graduation.”

 For more information on the graduation town hall please contact  SGA student body president Matthew Gillett at gillett_ma@lynchburg.edu

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