Students Praise COVID-19 Guidelines

By Alberto Sanchez ~ Guest Writer

Mask Illustration by Daniel Skutvik

COVID-19 has drastically affected many students’ experience at the University of Lynchburg.

While those experiences varied from not being able to participate at certain events or having to get tested regularly, there were students that thought the University of Lynchburg did a fantastic job when it came to keeping students safe during these troublesome times.

Kendrick Creasey, a senior criminology major and a pitcher for the baseball team, said, “We would get tested pretty regularly, I didn’t so much mind it just because I understood why we needed to do it, and I’d rather take a 15-minute test than miss out on a whole season of baseball, just because of something so tedious and stupid as taking a 15-minute test.”

Creasey also added, “Overall, I felt the school was very very active in maintaining the safety of the students.”

The University has provided the students, faculty and staff with comprehensive weekly email chains and a daily blog that showed the number of cases on campus.

These updates not only let students know how many cases there were on campus, but it also shared a warning to students to be more careful.

Nicholas Moore, a first-year instrumental music education major, who also plays percussion in several music ensembles, said, “It’s super cool that every so often we get an email from the COVID task force, and it’ll say maybe five, six cases when other schools are pushing hundreds of cases that they’ve gotten within like a few weeks, so I think Lynchburg’s doing a really good job right now.”

Not only was Lynchburg providing full transparency to their students, but they were also able to help people who were quarantined with all the supplies they needed.

Shadaya Cooper, a senior nursing major with a psychology and communications studies double minor and president of Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc, said, “When I had COVID…I had members of faculty and staff that were emailing me or calling me, asking me if I needed medicine or emotional support… they provided me with cleaning supplies, they provided me with food…and in comparison to some of the other schools like the school in New York that was giving half a bagel and an orange. We were getting full meals.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021, Debra Wyland sent out an updated COVID-19 report stating that masks are required in classrooms, required by visitors on campus at all times, and only required by staff when within buildings. 

For more information on the University of Lynchburg COVID-19 reports please visit:

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