Kelvin Whitehurst, Staff Writer~

Lynchburg College took its stand against relationship violence by hosting a One Love Foundation workshop on Sunday, Aug. 27.

Introduced to the campus in winter 2016 by a collective of LC staff: Dr. Adam Dean, Steve Koudelka, Abby Pyzik Smith and Jon Waters. The goal of the One Love Foundation is to create an atmosphere for students to educate themselves on sexual assault and relationship violence.

Over 700 people from various organizations, including all sports teams, Greek life, clubs and non-affiliates attended the event, making this the largest showing of students for the One Love Foundation on LC’s campus.

The event was opened by three senior students: Stephen Ruppel, Jerica Simmons and Lynn Walsh, who informed students of the statistics of sexual and relationship assault. The workshop then transitioned to a video that presented an example of manipulation and relationship violence. After the video, students were broken into groups run by facilitators to discuss how they felt about the film and issues of relationship violence and sexual assault.

Students and staff gather to attend the One Love Foundation workshop on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017. Photo by Hannah Grasberger.

“I was able to hear more of the students’ answers and responses, and [it] gave me an opportunity to think about it more,” senior Cameron Harris said.

Harris was a One Love facilitator previously. This year, she experienced the assembly as an attendee.

“I felt this time the workshop was more intimate since students were able to break into groups and voice their opinions,” Harris said.

According to the One Love Foundation website, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have a chance of being a victim of relationship violence in their lifetime.

Students, faculty and staff can take the pledge against unhealthy relationships at the One Love Foundation website at

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